Monday, 21 July 2014

Product Review: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free

Monday, 21 July 2014

In the past I've found myself a little bit dubious towards the idea of primers - sometimes I feel that they're just adding another unnecessary layer, however that idea may have just come from using bad primers in the past.  After using this primer, I'm completely converted. 

This product claims to be a "lightweight, water based gel that creates the perfect canvas for makeup application. Formulated for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin."

Read on to find out more. 

I use this primer on almost all of my clients as I find it works well on all skin types (except maybe extremely dry skin in which case I apply a more moisturising base), and it provides a good base for makeup. After using this primer myself I would find it difficult to go without it in my daily routine. 

This primer has a gel like consistency. I usually begin by applying a moisturiser, letting it sink in for 5-10 mins, then I apply the primer. I generally use about a pea sized amount and dot the primer over the areas where I need it most (which for me is around the nose and upper cheeks), then blend it into my skin with my fingertips, spreading the excess to areas that don't need so much help. I've learned that the key with primers seems to be to just apply a very small amount. 

I find it's best to allow the primer to settle for a few minutes before applying foundation. The primer leaves a smooth yet slightly tacky feeling on the skin, which allows foundation to glide on smoothly and also stay on better. This primer does a wonderful job of filling in my pores and smoothing out small bumps, and I find that (along with a setting powder) it really helps to keep my face matte and helps my foundation last a lot longer. 

Compared to other primers I've tried (several Smashbox ones, Benefit's Porefessional Primer, L'Oreal Base Magique, Giorgio Armani Master Primer), the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer is by far my favourite. 

One thing to keep in mind though, is that given the water based nature of this primer, it will have the best results when used with a water based foundation. 

Although it is quite pricey, I would highly recommend it to anyone with problem skin, or has issues with foundation going patchy or oiliness. 

  • Smooths pores and bumps
  • Provides good base for makeup 
  • Controls oil
  • Helps makeup last longer 
  • Small amount of product goes a long way
  • Suitable for almost all skin types, especially sensitive/acne prone

  • Expensive 
Overall rating = 9/10

So would I recommend it? Absolutely. Aside from the price, there's nothing bad about this product. 

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